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Calls for Recalls

The face of Colorado is changing daily. Bills, bills, bills have new meaning, although there is still a price many feel we will have to pay. The unrest created by legislation passing a barrage of laws have led to talks of recalls. Initially, the movement on Facebook centered around Governor Jared Polis. Why are we always reactionaries were my initial thoughts. What about the future, where are the leaders with new plans and ideas? Time, energy and money going where? I respected the efforts; however, our history had shown no success with recalling a governor. Who presented these bills? Recalls of 2013 rendered representatives out of office in our state. Will the focus include some representatives?

Today it is evident that many citizens of the state of Colorado mean business. Stopping the wheels of the extremely slanted political ploys are vital to the welfare of Colorado and the people they promised to represent. The recall movements have spread like a wild-wood weed, and have included several representatives in our state as well as petitions circulating for signature concerning specific legislation such as the National Popular Vote in Colorado.

Tom Good from Recall Polis interviewed on the radio expressing the why and how of the movement. Following his interview in the initial clip is another interview with Leslee Hollywood regarding the "Red Flag Bill" which is also worth the listen. There was an article written a few weeks ago in the Denver Post noted eight bills of controversy. The overreach in Colorado legislature addressed in the Complete Colorado site is hard to ignore.

Where will all this lead? Has the spark been ignited across our state strong enough for people to engage?

Several years ago there was a quote rolling around the internet. "The constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government, lest it comes to dominate our lives and interest." Arguments pursued as to whether this was a quote from Patrick Henry. Regardless of who wrote the quote, I find it to be very applicable in America today.

Be brave and fierce but always remain humble.


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