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Rural Colorado sit down and shut up

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

"I am surprised you can read." "You don't even participate in real society." "You do not matter."

All remarks I have received on social media from fellow Colorado residents when they find out I am from rural Colorado. All are examples of intimidation through identity politics in America today. The boldness and arrogance of the tactic has intensified to an all-time high.

My response was to enlighten them with who we are. I would let the accusers know we are multicultural in our areas. We work, play and have families of mixed ethnicity, backgrounds and belief systems. ( Of course, I was called a racist Christian.) We are very mobile traveling throughout our state and country to enjoy, receive medical care, and to work. We protest at the state capital and give testimonies.

"People move to rural towns because they do not have to work hard." I will not say what I was thinking with such a comment. I did consider extending the invitation to spend a week with one of our farmers and employees, lawyers or doctors, and waitresses. I received these comments and more in just one day. One fellow threatened to fight me (literally) because of climate change, which had not even been a topic.

It was then I realized this does not matter. It falls into their desires. We are to feel inferior enough to defend our culture. Some are intimidated by our culture and have made us their mission. They must stop our voices. They must stop our movements and our votes. We MUST NOT COUNT. It is about controlling us. We do not fit into the agenda. It is not just happening in Colorado but throughout the entire nation.

What can I do? I do not play into the victim role well. Resilience and solutions must be a goal. How can we raise awareness, share information, and encourage everyone to find their voice. What action can be taken, rather than be reactionaries?

I do not believe in a collective whole or the group-think. Collectivism is not my intent, and all are examples of socialist terms. It leads to divisions within many groups anyway. I think each person has value. Each person has a purpose. It is good people can agree to disagree. It is mutual respect for the very essence of liberty. Individual freedom is what I take a stand for yet understand the difficulties differences of opinion present.

What did I decide to do? Build a website. Free to be me, just one voice "My American Diary."

"I don't know much," but I love Colorado and America.

Be brave and fierce but always remain humble.


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