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Tear It Down

Where do I go? How can I find and share information? Are my loved ones and I safe? What just happened? Taking a look at the last four years, then trying to make sense of life in America is challenging. Just taking the previous six months can be overwhelming. The last two months are confusing. In only two weeks, much has been revealed. The advantage of learning from history is profound. Much of recent history is currently being torn down across the net and reduced to a narrative. Such events have happened for many years. What do I do? Am I afraid and intimidated? Can I learn from history?

It's not the first time of being a part of the silenced giant. The giant is not sleeping, and I am not alone.

Lesson number one from history. In 2013, I took down an entire website I had for years. My links to read or watch the evidence of documentation was rendered useless. Article links were "no longer available" video links sent me to mickey mouse videos or were not there anymore. My stash of history was rendered useless. I delete the site. So now I will write and quote.

What else can I learn from history to make sense of what has been going on? How did "the worst candidate in American history" win the election? How do I feel about the event that just occurred at the capital? Does the "tear it down" mentality we watched occur over the last year include tearing me down?

One video of Andrew Breitbart's last speech given at CPAC in 2012 is history that reveals much. I found it enlightening to watch it again and again. It provides comfort to me in an extraordinary way. His lightning rod energy is contagious. His words have come to fruition. They have now become self-evident. In one video made eight years ago, he captures the events of the last eight years. Understanding what has happened are stepping stones and lessons for our future.

Who are the "occupy freaks today?" We watched them this summer under different headings but the same players. They used innocent people to encourage good people to do destructive things. Occupy was not their first title nor movement. Labels have changed for years. From the Bill Ayers days to Chaz. "They are a bunch of totalitarian freaks," "the institutional left," "the radical left." Over the last year, exposure of who protects them has been blatant. Their power has encouraged them to be evident without recourse. It is a bit scary. The media not only turned a blind eye to their violent destruction but also rationalized their rights to do so. " The left institutional leadership do the same. What about the right extremist? The violent and destructive extreme right is called out by the law and order right. We hold them personally accountable for their actions. The day of the capital attack was a confusing mess for me to try to digest. Trying to imagine violent and deadly actions displayed from the right was beyond my law and order conservative concept. Have the hearts and minds been attacked and misrepresented for so long that retaliation and destruction resorted? Did innocent people fall into the traps of extremists and do bad things? Are there those on the right who seek to destroy America as we know it? The left will use that day to label anyone that is not in their camp as a terrorist. So will the media. There will be no blind eye and no rationalization. These are examples of how the institutional left rolls. The difference is glaring, in front of the world for everyone to see. "Tear it down" now includes you and me. I find the totalitarian or one-party system a rather ugly dress that will be worn on this inauguration day. However, being made of see-through material, all under it have exposed themselves. Big media, big tech, and immense power structures are on full display for all to see. They have exposed themselves.

As you see in Andrews's speech, this is not new. Neither is the racism mantra used to divide this country. Nor is class warfare. Calling anyone that was not following the radical left agenda a white supremacist and terrorist was happening then, just as it is now. This intellectual warfare did not start with Trump. The last four years were not about taking Trump down. It has always been about taking you and me down. I can not fall into the traps of violence and destruction they have spent years setting up. I will not be one of the innocent and good people tricked to do destructive things to promote an agenda. "There are two paths, one is America, and the other one is occupy*." One is the rule of law that protects our individual freedoms, the foundation of this republic named America. The other leads to anarchy.

As the video displays, none of this new. I make this post to provide comfort, particularly to those newer to the political arena. We will be ok. None of this is new. We have been here before. We can use history and knowledge to be better equipped than ever before. I am not torn down, I am still here. You are not alone. I am one individual who desires to be free, to be me. I am not alone.

Be brave and fierce, but always remain humble.


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