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Looking at women in history, there have been very strong, intelligent women throughout America's history. The amazing stories are out there to be read. Where did they get the strength to endure the hardships and controversies they faced? What made them different?

The first thing that comes to my mind; they did not let others define who they are. Surely they understood they were one individual, like no other out in this world. The words wonderfully and beautifully made comes to mind. Each possessed gifts, of which they identified and grew daily. Talents exist but are only useful when utilized.

Today the role of a woman is under so much scrutiny. Anger from other women who seem to say they stand and support women is not a positive discussion on so many levels. The failure to see one another as an individual rather than a pon to advance some narrative is a constant game being played. The narrative of victimhood, along with shame, leads to many of these so-called causes. I seriously doubt successful women have ever chosen to live in the problem with anger and resentment rather than choosing to seek and apply solutions and grace. Women who march forward with strength remove the shackles of animosities through forgiveness and wisdom. They understand it is not about becoming a bigger bi***, but about becoming a better person. Striving to leave the world a better place each day is an admirable goal. This is a personal decision every minute of the day.

How to avoid the traps and snares of the world, allowing ourselves to become who we were intended to become falls under one word. Faith.

Confidence is a human condition that can be shattered or false. Faith allows oneself to understand regardless of the outcome; all things work towards where we need to be. We understand mistakes and tragedy will happen but know the strength to move forward is within our grasp. Faith is much like our talents, with no is dead.

Today is a great day to move forward in faith. Faith in who I am becoming. Faith the day will bring a new start, a new beginning every time the sun rises and sets. Take in a big breath of faith and place it into action.

Be brave and fierce, but always remain humble.


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