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City Lights

The headlights are bright the night is young ahead we see the soft glow. The clouds reflect the circular shape of the bustling cities below. We begin to think of the family and friends whom shortly we will see, the ball game, a concert, the museum, or park fun times our destiny. Our favorite boutique or dining experience sometimes exist in the city conversations while driving enjoyment shared laughter, frequently joking and giddy. To the city, we go for reasons unpleasant to businesses, we have found Arriving at specialists, treatments, and services not provided in our small town. Helicopters land upon city hospital tops our family our friends they carry away to the sky, we watch them fly family follow the flight sad and weary Part of rural life is the excitement of the city. We love the energy and bright lights. But once we are home, our star-filled sky shines brilliantly upon peaceful nights. If you've wondered what rural Americans look like as you walk the city street, you will see cast your eyes to the left and then the right sometimes you're looking at me.

Be brave and fierce, but always remain humble.


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