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The life of the individual

Perhaps the title will read the death of the individual. It appears to be the activities of many in America are reflecting such a title. However, it is not reality. The individuals of America are still making personal choices, perhaps without realizing it, exercising our ability to think for ourselves, or without reflecting on our own decisions and actions. The words personal accountability are nearly foul language.

How can America be a "Government of the People, by the People, and for the People" without the individual? Without people? How can the battle for diversity be won without the individual? The individual is the epitome of diversity. It is also the largest minority.

As an individual, do I care about and help others? Am I capable of assisting those in my community? The terms of collectivism in this era would have us believe, no. The individual is only "self-serving and greedy". Does that describe me today? Collectivism would have me think if the government does it; it represents my community and my country. Go along with it for the common good of all. Does it? Or is it self serving? Does a pure majority rule ever represent a minority?

When governments' power is grown so large that the only argument left is whether we are headed towards communism or a dictatorship the government has grown too large. I believe I should be worried. The common good, collectivism, promotes totalitarianism. History has shown the path well followed. How can the avoidance of a totalitarian government occur? The enemy of such is the individual with free thought and expression. Do I stand and express those thoughts freely today? Do I feel intimidated or in danger at the public square for doing so? Is the public square on social media available and safe for me? No left, no right, just the individual? Am I truly free to be just me? Is that freedom accompanied by being humanitarian? Why couldn't it? That is the freedom of the individual and the foundation of this country.

There are many who wish to destroy America. There has been violence and riots for months now. Has America already lost its way, trodding down the totalitarian road? Why are Americans fighting one another? Are we being played? Is it really the wonderful Americans who love this country on the left and the right? We have watched this division build for the last 20 years on the net. It is not new or recent. It has been well orchestrated. It has now become violent and deaths have been occurring for many months. What do the words mob rule and violence mean to me? Is this what I want for America? Is this America now? I sincerely pray not.

Today we face decisions. My individual choice, my one voice. How will I use it? What will I stand for? Is what I stand for worthy of being called an American?

Be brave and fierce, but always remain humble.


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