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Existing Through the Drug Crisis

The title was surviving the crisis. For many existing describes the crisis best. It is the reality that precedes survival. The loved ones of those in the tangles of addiction, participation in life feels more life existing through it. Perhaps unaware, the addict is too.

A life taken by drugs changes lives forever. When I look into the eyes of Eric Bolling, I see it — existing while searching for how to survive the call no parent should ever receive.

Millions of Americans are experiencing the direct effects of the drug crisis in America. "What will people think" has validity. Those who have loved ones trapped by addiction have hopes for recovery and do not want to tarnish the future of their loved on by speaking about it. So they go through their nightmare silently. We exist while trying to go through our daily activities. Part of surviving includes talking about it, taking steps to seek solutions. Eric Bolling has done just that. What happened to Eric this week is appalling. His final message on this video is powerful.

Trump or no Trump the hate in politics is real. It has been for many years. Politics along with hate distracts from the issues. The issue is the drug crisis in America today. It is real. Many American lives are dependent of finding answers and solutions.

Be brave and fierce but always remain humble.


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