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Free to be "just me"

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Stepping off the primrose path, to a journey guided by the wisdom of yesterday,

with fearless vigor and faith today, with hope and confidence in America's character and virtue of tomorrow.

Free to be just me, an individual woman in America.

In our current climate in the world, it is challenging to express ourselves as individuals without being stereotyped into a group or belief system. Even in today's political world identity politics are at the forefront. These stereotypes can lead us down a rabbit hole. How does it affect our confidence and relationships with others? Does it lead to frustrations and anger? Where will it take American?

In the "free to be me" adventure, how can I view myself and others without preconceived thoughts? Do I know who I am? How do I take care of myself?

Do I express my views confidently? It is a start to a great adventure! Mind and spirit create who we are and want to be. Challenge and growth daily can promote our dreams. Be bold and stand firm tempered with reminding myself, always stay humble. Nan

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