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The Box

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

There it was. I had been searching for it for 15 years. Dad had told me of his most valued possessions before he passed. He had wanted them to be kept safe. Now that mom is also gone, as we go through her belongings what do we find? The box.

There is so many emotions that occur when we lose our parents — seeing this treasure pushed me over the edge of raw feelings and memories. The box possessed my dads family history. It maintained a generation nearly lost.

As I have gone through the box, I see the nature of ages past still being played out. I also see it being played out in me as well as in America today. In the early 2000s dad would ask me "why is everyone so angry these days." " I can't even stand in line at the grocery store without noticing people are increasingly mad." I never came up with an answer for him. It was something I could not answer myself. The reality was I did not know either. I often wonder what he would be saying if he could see people today.

It seems today that it is easy for people to place each other inside some box of preconceived titles and notions. Perceptions are used to degrade one another. It also provides a haven for victimization. I have noticed the old fight or flight theory has transcended. Now be the victim has become popular. I feel it explains much of the anger. Victimization and accomplishments generally do not go hand in hand. One can certainly never reach their full potential while being allowed to be victimized.

While we are putting others in a box, I found a large part of who I am inside of one. One more time I could hear the voice of my dad saying " I don't know much and I am the last person that should give advice- but. Then wisdom would flow from his mouth.

Being bold are codes of genetics from my mom. Being humble come from my dad.

Be brave and fierce but always remain humble.


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2 comentários

17 de mar. de 2019

Such a wise man!


Wow Christy what a blessing that you had an educated father to leave his wisdom with you!

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