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The Smell of Dirt

Updated: May 15, 2019

What does dirt have to do with the current topic of the National Popular Vote? The property, produce, resources, as well as the livelihoods of the residents of our areas have real issues facing us today.

I remember after leaving the farm how I missed the smell of dirt. I dig in my garden and inhale the fresh air scent of the soil as I anticipated the small sprouts of life to emerge from the ground. They will appear, and my satisfaction will continue. The feeling of smelling the brisk scent of pine when first arriving in one of the beautiful regions of our Colorado mountains, is much the same. The sounds of a waterfall or running brook, the smell of alfalfa as you pass through May Valley are all examples of how abundant our resources are in Colorado.

Many if not most of these types of valuable resources are in underpopulated areas of Colorado. The same applies to underpopulated states.

In Colorado, the presidential vote is primarily in the hands of the isolated areas of Denver and Boulder. Yes, it is an isolated small portion of our state. Many people, but a small area that has control of the resources, property, produce, and cultures of the entire state of Colorado.

Recently Governor Polis signed the National Popular Vote Act. Colorado joined a compact of states that have pledged to pool their presidential electoral votes for the winner of the national popular vote.

Are Boulder and Denver residents comfortable with this? Colorado gave our resources, property, produce, and cultures to a hand full of isolated densely populated areas of our country. What is the big picture? Why?

"Why should a person in rural states have their vote count 3-5 times more than a person living in in the more populated states? "One vote for one person!" Why should Wyoming have two senators, the same number California does-yet California has a massive population of people they represent? All are examples of statements I have read on this topic.

Valid questions by appearance. They are only valid when disregarding the value of the property, people, and the control of our resources.

What is happening in Nebraska? The flyover state seems of little significance to the national media, our country. Are the residents of Weld County along with other rural areas of Colorado valued?

Do California residents want more water? Would Colorado be placed in the position of providing to the common good of a larger populated area, while having our needs neglected? Just one possible example of the importance of the topics at hand.

I have read on social media the reason a person would be against the popular vote is "you believe that some people should count more than others." "one vote, one person." I see it as the opposite. The National Popular Vote says you believe isolated more populated areas of America are more important. They should have control over America, the people, and resources.

The electoral college is to aid in the prevention from this occurring.

The next time I pass through the Cuchara Valley and breath in the smell of fresh pine, I will emotionally remember the threats the region endured this last year. The people, the animals, the beauty, the resources that contribute to our beautiful state of Colorado. Many areas of our state endured the horror fire presents. The response of firefighters, first responders, and volunteers to assist the resilient people of these communities was amazing to watch. There are amazing cultures of people who reside in our mountain regions.

Living in the eastern plains reminds me of the connections to the smell of dirt many would never understand. We know the taste of soil in our mouths and the burning in our eyes take on a whole different meaning. We are the guardians of the environment. Our livelihoods depend on it.

Diversity in America today includes rural Americans communities, along side the thriving cities. Preservation of the electoral college is our voice, our seat at the table.

One can not say we embrace the minority while implementing majority rule. It is not possible.

Be brave and fierce but always remain humble.


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